Advice on Buying Benches

Read the following article for advice on buying benches:  Are you looking for the perfect bench, but cannot find it? Do you need advice? Consider commissioning a custom made bench to fit your style and needs. Create something that your family will treasure for years to come. A custom bench may be just what you need.
Wood benches can be made out of any wood and wood veneer that you like. If, for instance, you like exotic wood like “koa” or “wenge” getting a bench made out of such veneer would look amazing. If you are looking for an outdoor bench, teak is highly recommended because it can withstand weather elements better than most other woods.

Do you want a bench with a back or without? Do you want something for a formal living room or a kid’s play room. Is the bench for outside? Think about the intended use of the bench and whether or not something modern or contemporary might be the right fit for your existing decor. Looking at magazines or Pinterest boards will give you a good idea.



Are you looking for something linear and light in color? Or do you like loud and splashy colors? Most commonly, modern benches contain clean lines and natural colors and have an artsy flair to them. Something like this might look great in a family room or even outside next to a garden sculpture.


Contemporary benches often come made with simplistic designs. Many also contain a more artistic appearance than modern or traditional benches. Due to the minimalistic style of contemporary benches, they work well for use indoors and out.


Generally speaking, traditional benches are done in darker woods with carved legs and backs. They have a tendency to be more elegant as well as formal.

Determining what size bench is appropriate for your space is crucial. You want something that fits perfectly, after all. That’s the best part about having something custom made. Measure length and width and add about 24 inches for leg room. You can also indulge and get a bench made to fit your frame. Do you want something taller or shorter? Get whatever is most comfortable for you to sit on.


How many funds can you allocate for the right size bench for your home? Consider that the cost of hand craftsmanship can be high and that materials used can add to that quite a bit. If simplicity is what you’re after, then a wooden bench might not be as costly, but something exotic and fancy might be pricy. Benches can be decorative or functional. A mudroom or hallway bench can have smart storage.

So, add your own signature to your home and commission something that says something about you. Contact us!