Jefferson Jewelry Cabinet

Introducing the Jefferson Jewelry Cabinet.


Keep your fine jewelry well organized in this beautiful contemporary cabinet. This case piece provides ample storage in 9 felt lined drawers for everything from rings and necklaces to makeup and hairbrushes. Partitions can be custom ordered. Made out of tiger maple and mahogany, with ebony pulls. Finished with water borne lacquer. This contemporary standing jewelry cabinet is handcrafted by Jim Zink of Meredith, New Hampshire. (Each piece is unique due to natural variations in grain patterns and color.) Measures: w: 20 x d: 20 x h: 53 inches


Surrounded by 3 acres of inspiring forests of hardwoods, Jim Zink Furniture Maker’s studio is situated in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. Jim designs pieces that emphasize the innate beauty of natural wood grains and patterns. His work affirms a unique handcrafted vision of top contemporary culture. He uses machines for expediency and hand tools to fine tune his products. He selects the best solid woods and natural wood veneers to ensure a top product. He choses the best finishes to enhance the beauty of the wood and give it a level of protection it needs. He produces high quality hardwood furniture that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Do you have questions or need advice about designing your custom piece of furniture? We have answers! Contact Jim. He can custom make pieces for any room in your home. Review our gallery here. Read our blog for an analysis of best hardwoods to use.

Read what our customers are saying:


“Jim Zink is exactly the type of person I want to work with. He is a professional through and through; fastidious over detail and quality and unwilling to give me anything sub-par. Two months ago, I presented him a design for a live-edge day bed. It is currently on its way to my home in California. Working with Jim was amazing. He took my artistic ideas, problem solved with me, and put them into a functional design using his engineering brain. He is 100% reliable, efficient, trustworthy, and kind. I could not ask for anything more.”

“Jim Zink is one of the finest furniture craftsmen in New England. With a knack for precision and an eye for design, Jim custom made three fine pieces of furniture for us….His executions are perfect and his ability to deliver items on time unmatched. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a custom furniture craftsman.”

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